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2727 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80206
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Our exclusive review of this salon

Fed up with all the work that it takes when you have long, thick hair? Consider a cut and color and consider going to Vito Pini salon in Cherry Creek North. Appointments are not always necessary. I did not have an appointment, I walked in to see when they could get me in and was told about an hour later. I was there with my sister-in-law who was also going to get her hair cut. My wait was a little longer than they had said but the wait was worth the end result.

I had made the decision to get rid of my long hair because it was too much work. Too much work to blow dry for 45 minutes each time I washed it, too much work every morning to fix before I could even leave the house. I had not had short hair for close to 10 years. I discussed with the stylist what I was looking for in terms of style. Longer in the front, shorter and stacked in the back. She seemed to know what I wanted and then we discussed color. I wanted to touch up the color I had but not have as many blonde highlights. I decided to trust her. In the end she was going to cut off 10 inches from the back of my head.

I had some initial anxiety about the choice I made but knew I would be happy in the end. Well I hoped I would be happy in the end. The stylist took my hair into a ponytail and cut it right off. Plop onto the floor went my hair, it was gone and I was not getting it back. I thought to myself it will always grow back if I decide this do was not for me. The color came next.. Foil, color, fold, over and over until my head was covered with foils full of color. The stylist was surprised at how much hair I actually had. They never believe me when I tell them I have a lot of hair. I guess they must experience it first hand.

After the color processed it was time for the shampoo, conditioner and cut. I did not anticipate how long this new cut and color would take. I know how long it takes to color and cut my so long gone locks - 2 hours. This new do and color was well on its way to meeting that mark. The stylist was very professional and very good at her job. But I was ready for this new do to be FINISHED! However, I guess you cannot rush perfection. In the end, I loved my new do. It was exactly what I had pictured in my mind and I could not believe the difference in how much lighter I felt without all that hair.

The shocking part came at the end. Now I have been getting my hair cut and colored for a long time. Most of the time I love it and love the prices. My suggestion is that if you are going to try some place new, look at their prices before you get your hair done. My new do, less a ton of hair, plus some nice color set me back $160.00 without tip. Yes I said without tip. Now I did get a wonderful stylist, I loved my new haircut and color but I had never paid $160.00 for a cut and color in my life. I guess this was a first for me.

Other than the price that I did not research ahead of time, my experience at Vito Pino was great. Their staff was wonderful, the location was convenient for me, the atmosphere was pleasant and I loved my hair.

I would highly recommend Vito Pino for your next hair cut and color if you are willing to spend big bucks and are looking for terrific results. If you visit, tell them Pamper Yourself Denver sent you!

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