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40 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
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Our exclusive review of this salon

There are several Denver Salons that offer eyebrow waxing or shaping - whatever you would like to call it. However just a few are specialize in waxing, skincare and lashes. One of those specialty Denver Salons is Studio Urban Wax. Studio Urban Wax specializes in women’s waxing, skincare and lashes and men’s waxing and skincare. Since I am not new to the world of eyebrow waxing - this is my preferred method of keeping my brows in check, I decided to see what Studio Urban Wax was all about.

A wonderful feature that Studio Urban Wax offers is their online booking. I was able to sit at my computer and look at my calendar to find out what dates and times worked best for my schedule without having to rattle off times and dates to their scheduler. I was also able to select the three services I wanted and get them done during the same appointment. I think this is a wonderful feature and allows clients such as myself to book times that work for me without the hassle of calling, plus booking online is open 24/7.

I booked my appointment for a Sunday since I know that parking on Sunday is free and that there wouldn’t be as much traffic on Broadway on a Sunday - leaving meters all along Broadway open. During the week and on Saturdays it can be much more difficult to find a parking spot, plus making sure you have coins to pay the meter.

Studio Urban Wax is located in a funky building with a secure entry. Once in the building, you head up the stairs and to the left to enter Studio Urban Wax. My wait was short in the cozy waiting room, this showed me that they do not overbook their appointments and they do not get behind. My appointment was midday so I was pleased I was not waiting past my appointment time for my services.

My esthetician was Ashley and she was very friendly and nice during my entire appointment. She made me feel very comfortable during my services. I was scheduled to have an eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and eyebrow shaping. I realized after having my eyebrows tinted at the The Salon at the Wynn Las Vegas that I really like not having to hassle with adding color to my brows each day. I was also looking for less to do when it came to my morning make-up routine so I opted for the eyelash tint as well. And the final step was to shape my crazy brows. It had been some time since they had been shaped and were in need of it!

Ashley started by tinting my eyelashes black since I wear black mascara. While that tint was setting, she began to tint my eyebrows the color of my natural hair color. Once the tint was finished on my lashes, Ashley gently cleaned them off. They tint irritated my eyes a little but Ashley warned me this might happen. In the end the burning was short lived. Then my brows were cleaned off and shaped. When I was able to look at the results, I was more than pleased. Everything turned out exactly the way I wanted it. I knew I would not be adding color to my brows in the morning and I would not be applying mascara unless I wanted more volume or definition to my lashes. Ashely did a great job.

Several other appealing features about Studio Urban Wax deal with their tier structure for their esthetician. They have three different tiers based on experience and you pay your esthetician based on their experience. However, Ashley is a tier 1 and she did a great job. Another wonderful feature is the tip is already built in. No worrying about what to tip your esthetician, it is built in!

If you are looking for waxing, skincare or tinting services I would suggest you try out Studio Urban Wax for a great experience!

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