Paris Nails

5075 Leetsdale Dr # D
Denver, CO 80220
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Our exclusive review of this salon

With summer fast approaching I was in need of a manicure and pedicure. I usually keep my fingers and toes looking good all year round but I had let them go a little too long this time. I decided to try a new nail salon in my area. I stopped in at Paris Nails and they were able to fit me right in. I asked for a spa pedicure and a manicure. The staff working was very pleasant and easy to understand. I have found that some times when I just stop in at a salon I do not regularly go to there can be a language barrier. This was not the case.

The spa pedicure chairs were very comfortable. They tilted back and massaged me as my toes were worked on. The clippers and other tools appeared to be clean and did not just come out of the drawer at the technicians work station. I felt like the tub my feet were soaking in was clean as well. The technician worked with rubber gloves while cutting, trimming and cleaning my toenail beds. I felt like the technician did a great job of getting my feet into shape and looking good. I was given a massage of my feet and lower legs before polish was applied.

For my toes I wanted a french manicure and then had toe art added to my big toes. This is something I usually do. Cute white flowers were added to each of my big toes for I think may $5 extra. Worth the cost. Next it was on to my hands. I was moved to the technicians workstation and my hands were soaked. The manicure was very good as well. My nails were trimmed, cut, and shaped. My hands and arms were massaged. My nails were finished off with my typical clear coat of polish and I was on my way.

In the end I was happy with the service I was provided and walked out the door with spending $50 including tip. If you are looking for a no wait, no hassle, good manicure and pedicure, I suggest Paris Nails.

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