Nails Touch #2

Salons: Nails, Manicures and Pedicures, Salons: Waxing

200 Quebec St # 300113
Denver, CO 80230
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Our exclusive review of this salon

On a recent drive through the Lowry Neighborhood I came across Nails Touch, a Denver Nail Salon. I was in need of a manicure and pedicure so I stopped in to see if they had time. Since it was fairly early in the morning there was no wait. They had one other person in a pedicure chair with two people working on her and at least 8 women working.

I was asked to pick out a color but anyone who knows me knows I usually just do clear on my fingers and I do a French with a flower on my toes. Nothing changed today so I sat down. Their chairs were pretty comfortable and also had tables that came out of the arm rests for drinks, reading or manicures. The temperature of the water for my pedicure was just right and I relaxed. It was a little difficult to totally relax because the women who work there were constantly speaking another language, the TV was on mute and I could not read a magazine while I was getting a manicure. It would have been nice to have some music to listen to or the talk show on TV.

Both women worked quickly but effectively on my nails and toes. My fingernails were soaked, trimmed, cut and filed before they were buffed. After they were buffed, I was given a very gentle massage of both lower arms, wrists and fingers. My fingernails were then painted and left to dry. During the same time my feet were being taken care of. My toenails were trimmed, filed, shaped, cleaned and buffed. Next I was given a lower leg massage with some type of green scrub. Rather than lotion like I am used to. This felt different in the beginning but I think gives the same results in the end. Again the massage of my legs and feet was a little soft, maybe a little too soft. However I sat their and enjoyed the guilty pleasure. My toes were then painted french with a flower added to each big toe and I was sent to the foot dyer.

During this 45 minute time frame this little nail salon became packed. Women started flocking in, most for a pedicure and manicure but some just for a pedicure. They have 8 pedicure chairs and half of them were full before I was finished. They also have 10 manicure tables if you are interested in just getting a manicure or fake nails put on. Overall the salon was very clean and well kept. Each person had their own kit of supplies and it appeared that they also got clean, sanitized tools for each person. I could be incorrect on this but that is what it appeared to me.

As for their pricing.. I have found that I can get the same service, including tip for $48-$50, today it was $55. It was more because of the French pedicure - add $5 and because of the flower - add $5. So had I not gone with a flower and just selected a color I would have paid $35 plus a tip. If you are looking for just a manicure you will pay $12 and for just a pedicure you will pay $25. They also do waxing at this salon. They wax arms and legs, faces and bikinis. Their waxing prices range from $5-$60 depending on the service. They also use and sell OPI Nail Polish.

If you are in the neighborhood and need your nails done for the summer, stop by Nails Touch 2 and tell them we sent you!

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