Holly Nails

600 South Holly Suite 111
Denver, CO 80246
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Our exclusive review of this salon

Tucked in a strip mall off Leetsdale Drive and Holly in Denver you will find Holly Nails. I stopped by the day before to make sure I could get an appointment for my cousin and me for a pedicure and a manicure. We arrived at 10 am for our appointment on a Saturday. When we arrived there was only one other person in the salon but several techs. On each side of the salon are four chairs where people get their pedicures done along with two super cute pink butterfly chairs for girls. Once we were shown our chairs we sat down for our services. My cousin wanted to make sure that she would have flowers painted on her toes like the flowers I had on mine from a previous pedicure to a different salon. The gals that were doing our pedicures seemed to understand.

As the water began filling up my foot tub I had to ask for warmer water. The water was hardly warm and I like hot water while my feet soak. The water was made a little warmer. We were asked if we wanted a spa pedicure and we both said yes not knowing this would add as much additional time to our service. I have had my share of pedicures with French and flowers done that never took an hour. This service was an hour and it was not because I was getting a great massage on my legs and feet. This service could have been reduced by at least 10 minutes. In the end my toes looked great and that is what matters.

During our pedicure the salon quickly began to fill up. By the end of our pedicure there were at least 10 more people in the salon for different services. I had a different person do my manicure and it was suggested that I do the OPI Gel since I had it on before along with a spa manicure. During this time the additional cost was never stated. This salon is really good at pushing additional services and not disclosing the price until the end. In the end my OPI Gelish manicure was nice and I liked the way the French looked on my fingers. In the end this day of service - two hours - was $84.00 plus tip. Way more than I normally pay for these services. And to top it off my cousin was charged more than I was for the exact same service. (I saw her sign her ticket after I had mine)

In the end I do think that Holly Nails does a nice job with their services but they are not good at sharing their pricing with their customers.

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