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This expert tip is provided by Debra from Body Designs Is it weight bearing?  Will I get an aerobic workout with OxyFlex!?  While doing OxyFlex! involves zero impact, it incorporates weight bearing exercise:  for example, when you do OxyFlex! while lifting a leg, standing etc… you are doing weight bearing exercises by working your muscles against the power of gravity.

OxyFlex! provides an aerobic workout without the possibility of injuries due to heavy impact.  If an individual were to start running around a track, their body would soon sense a deprivation of oxygen as their muscles would be using up oxygen faster than the body is providing it, to compensate, the person would automatically start breathing faster.  OxyFlex! burns calories and works the muscles like other aerobic exercises do, but without ever reaching a state of oxygen deprivation.  There’s no gasping for air since OxyFlex! provides lots of oxygen from the very beginning of the workout.  Contrary to what most people believe it isn’t the shaking, pounding or other movement that burns fat it’s the metabolic reaction that takes place when you work your muscles and provide lots of oxygen at the same time.

OxyFlex! makes sense…. You get all the benefits of “traditional” exercise with none of the wear and tear on your body.

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