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What is in Your Make-up goes Skin Deep!

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The staff at was recently turned on to a wonderful website - This is a great place to find out if what you are putting on your skin is actually harmful to you! Here you can checkout what is in your haircare products, your skincare products and your makeup. You can even see if what you put on your children is harmful to them.

There are several ways to search the database. You can try to enter a companies name. If the name returns results you will see what products are listed and what their score is. If a product has a score from 0-2 that product has low hazard, if the product has a score from 3-6 it has moderate hazard and if the product has 7-10 it has high hazard. You can click on each product and learn why this product may or may not be hazardous to your health. Not all companies have their name/product on the website.

If your product or company does not have their on the website you can enter what ingredients are in the product and get your results. I personally was shocked to see some products that I was going to try and products that I do have on the list as moderate and high hazards. I will be removing these products from my beauty drawer because of the potential issues they could cause.

Our staff encourages you to be proactive about what you put on your body. Do not believe everything you hear about products being good for you just because they have SPF or they say they are “green” products. Do your research and check them out for yourself!

Visit to learn more!

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