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This expert tip has been provided by Denver personal trainer, Debra Ross. You can learn more about Debra and Body Designs on her website.

I can never say enough about waterWater is usually the first thing that becomes apparent that my clients need when they bring in their food diary.  They all think they’re drinking enough, but when they actually write it down, they see that they’re not.  It’s important to keep yourself hydrated so that everything functions properly and it also helps a great deal while doing the OxyFlex! program.  Staying hydrated will help you with your breathing, allowing you to breathe deeper.  You will want to experiment to find out how much water your body needs to function at its best.  The basic guidelines are ½ - 2/3 of your body weight in ounces.  So if a person weighed 120lb. they would need to drink anywhere from 60oz. – 80oz. of water a day.  In the beginning, I found that I functioned better at one gallon a day, but now I drink approximately half of that depending on the day. 

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