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Expert Tips: Hands and Feet

Pedicures are a wonderful way to pamper your feet. Getting a pedicure at a wonderful spa or salon is always a pleasure but sometimes one must do the at-home pedicure. The wonderful staff at Fingers & Toes, a nail retreat located in the beautiful Bonnie Brae neighborhood, offered some expert tips on pedicures.

Whether you are getting a pedicure from a professional or giving yourself one at home, always remember to file your nails square across and not round down the edges. This will ensure that you do not get ingrown toenails and that your toenails look great.

When you are receiving a pedicure from a professional, there are a few expert tips we picked up at Fingers & Toes:

  1. Never allow a razor to be used on your feet – it is a violation of the Colorado Cosmetology Laws and it does not help keep your feet soft and calluses free.
  2. Pumice stones should be used one time only and thrown away after use.
  3. Stainless steel instruments such as nail clippers, cuticle nippers, nail scoops, and nail cleaners should be completely submerged in sanitized water.
    (*Fingers & Toes goes above and beyond this and sterilizes each of their instruments after each use.)
  4. Be wary of footbaths that circulate the water through the jets and reuse the water with each customer. When the water circulates through the jets it allows bacteria to grow. If there are jets in the footbaths, make sure they are blowing air and not water to ensure you are getting fresh water with each pedicure.

The experts at Fingers & Toes also have some suggestions to help your professional or personal pedicure last longer.

  1. Have a two-sided foot file: one side is soft and the other is coarser. Use the foot file at home after you get out of the shower at least once a week for one minute. You can find these at Sephora for $20.00 or Bath and Body Works for $8.00.
  2. Keep a great cream near your bed to put on your feel at night. The experts suggest a cream vs. a lotion because creams are thicker. Do this every night to keep your feet moisturized.
  3. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of gal, Pamper Yourself Denver suggests that you invest in a manicure/pedicure kit. These kits start as low as $9.00 and go up from there.

Fingers & Toes Nail Retreat is located at 743 S. University Blvd. They can be reached at 303-955-1920 or visit their nail salon website.

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