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Are you guilty of not cleaning your machine after a workout? I know that I am. Do you clean your machine before a workout? I don’t. I should do both. Considering the outbreak in illnesses these days it is very important to make sure that your machines are clean. Machines at the gym harbor sweat and germs and allow bacteria to thrive and grow. Gross, I know. This stuff - germs, bacteria, even MRAS, can survive for up to three days! Make sure you clean your machines before and after use. Also make sure you lay down a towel when you are working out and that you do not wipe your face with the side that was on the equipment. Consider using towels at the gym. A wonderful towel that has been created is one that has gym written on one side and face written on the other side. This helps you remember which side you should wipe your face with. You can find these at When you leave the gym, always remember to wash your hands.

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