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Relieving Tail bone (coccyx) Pain During Pregnancy

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Relieving Tail bone (coccyx) Pain During Pregnancy

Tailbone pain unfortunately is not uncommon. There are several things that can help to ease it. Sitting on a birth or exercise ball can be helpful, the cat pose is always good and some massage on the area while in the cat pose can sometimes help (massage sometimes doesn’t feel good so listen to your body.) The pelvic tilt in the cat pose can help get the baby into a more comfortable position and off of the tail bone, though that is not usually the cause of tail bone pain, it can help alleviate some stress in the area and generally feels good. Also sitting on softer surfaces maybe even a coccyx pillow can help.

By Jennifer Wolfe, Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Hypnotherapist.
Jennifer has attend nearly 350 births as a Doula and worked with thousands of
Prenatal Yoga Students.

Jennifer is the creator of the popular Prenatal Yoga DVD: Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga
Learn More about her at or

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  • i have this coccyx pain, just started in my second trimester of pregnancy and my ob/gyn didnt help me, just told me to lay down. then i switched to a midwife and she knew all about it and explained to me that i needed my coccyx adjusted rectally, so she reffered me to a pelvis specialist, and she fixed it for me, i instantly felt better, then i continued to see a chiropractor twice a week for coccyx adjustments and the pain is almost gone, also the chiropractor told me to do kegels and they have helped me a lot and feeling very positive about it! really thank god for my midwife!!

    orlando, fl
    second pregnancy and first coccyx pain in my life!!

    Posted by lourdes on 10 Dec 2011

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