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Must Travel - No Excuses

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If you travel a lot for business or pleasure, do not forgot to continue your exercise routine while you are gone. You have several options to help accomplish this and be successful no matter where you are.

1. Hotel Gym - see if your hotel has a gym on site and what equipment it offers. Also check to see if there is a charge to use the weight room - if there is do they offer a discount if you buy a pass for several days.
*Most hotel gyms have cardio equipment and some free weights. Many do not offer other lifting equipment due to space limitations.
*If you are a frequent visitor to the hotel or their chain ask for a discount or a free pass. If you are a Loews First Member and stay at a Loews Hotel, you can workout for free. Signing up is free as well.

2. Major Gym Chains - If you belong to a major chain of gyms, find out if you can workout for free at any of their gyms nation wide. Some may require you to pay more for your yearly membership but if you are a frequent traveler and most of the hotels you stay at do not offer what you need, this will be worth the investment. You won’t have to pay additional fees when you visit a gym and you won’t skip your workout.

3. Spend the Dollars on a Trainer one time- At your local gym hire a trainer who you think can meet your needs. You only need them one or two times. Ask them to create a workout program you can do in your hotel room with no weights. Maybe a prop or two like a towel or a chair to do squats in. Learn this workout and use it when you are traveling and then you eliminate the need for a gym.

4. Take to the Streets! - if you are traveling some place fairly warm, get your cardio in by running or jogging outside. See if there is a park near your hotel and run to the park. Find a bench and do some reverse dips, grab a piece of grass - stretch and do some crunches. If you can find a play area grab a bar and do some pull ups. When you are done at the park, run back to your room.

Enjoy these simple steps to help you continue your workout on the road. No excuses!

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  • Amazing!keep working in tha way wink

    Posted by Tim on 10 Oct 2009

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