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Internationally renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown, who was in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, made a public appearance at Nordstrom’s in the Denver Cherry Creek Mall on August 26, 2008. Bobbi Brown held a makeup demonstration in an intimate setting with about thirty women, including staff from Pamper Yourself Denver.

Bobbi was welcomed to the stage and briefly spoke about her company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Joined on stage by an audience member and her assistant, John, Bobbi began to explain her 10-Step Beauty regiment and also provided a copy of her 10-Step Beauty booklet.

Bobbi was as down to earth as any one could be. She did not come across as pretentious or put out by sharing her knowledge on makeup with us. She was fun to listen to and watch as she discussed a topic she loves--makeup. 

Bobbi started out by saying makeup helps give women confidence even if it is just throwing on a favorite lipstick on the way to the store. All women love to look and feel beautiful. I couldn’t agree more.

The first thing Bobbi talked about was a woman’s skin. She said to make sure your skin looks good and that your skin is hydrated. She encouraged the audience to find a moisturizer that will “hydrate and plump the skin.” Bobbi strongly encourages the use of eye cream and suggests using face oil, specifically Bobbi Brown Cosmetic’s Face Oil, if your face is very dry. Some of this information and additional skincare information can be found in Bobbi’s 10-Step Beauty booklet under Pre-Makeup.

Bobbi continued with all of her steps and answered questions along the way. Here are a few beauty tips that I picked up while listening to Bobbi:

  1. Concealer is a must and is important to look “fresh”
  2. Make sure to match your foundation by applying on your check and double checking that color on your forehead
  3. Foundation even outs your skin tone and gives you a natural look if done correctly
  4. Bronzer is very important. Think of tinting your skin – apply to apples of cheeks, forehead, a little on your nose and chin
  5. Do your blush before you do your eyes – you might decide you only need mascara
  6. If you are going to wear pencil on your lips, put on lipstick first and then add the pencil
  7. Do not put mascara on the top of your lashes because it is too heavy for your eyelashes
  8. Put 2-3 coats of mascara on your eyelashes – do the top and the bottom or just the top never do just the bottom of your lashes

At the end of the afternoon Bobbi graced us with a special Q and A session:

Which one of your products do you feel is most underrated?
Bobbi feels her baby products are the most underrated and that might be because there is not enough room usually to carry them on the shelves at the counters. Bobbi has two baby product lines, the Nursery Collection and the Junior collection. Both can be found on her website at

What is your favorite product?
Bobbi has a few favorite products and they are concealer, pink blush and black mascara.

Bobbi Brown is the exclusive beauty editor for NBC’s Today Show. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are sold in more than 400 stores in 20 countries worldwide.

My favorite Bobbi Brown products are Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Beach Honey and Everything Mascara in black.

If you are interested in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics we at Pamper Yourself Denver encourage you to visit a Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter near you. The staff at the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter at Nordstrom’s in the Cherry Creek Mall is wonderful. When you are there make sure to pick up one of Bobbi Brown’s 10-Step Beauty booklets and her new ”Find Your Perfect Lip Shade” wheel.

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