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I for one am not a fan of lip liner and lipstick, however I know many women that love to wear one or both. I would prefer a great lip gloss and then be on my way. But for those of you that do love the lip liner/lipstick combo, let our experts give you some tips. All of us have seen the woman who has the lip liner that does not go with her lipstick. We have also seen the woman who does not know how to apply her lip liner correctly. So here are some tips for all of us who want to try out the lip liner/lipstick combo, need to brush up on our application or just want some tips.

If you are going to use BOTH lip liner and lipstick, the lip liner ALWAYS goes on first. Lip liner will help give your lips a defined look and also help keep your lipstick from bleeding, it is also a guide for your lipstick application.

Lip Liner Application
1. Always use the lip liner before you apply your lipstick. Done backwards and you will not get the finished look you are hoping for.
2. Your lip liner should either be a neutral color or match the shade of your lipstick. You should be able to find both wherever you buy your lipstick whether it is from Target, Walmart or MAC.
**if you use a color that is darker than your lipstick you will notice only the outline of your lips if your lipstick fades or comes off. Your lips will look silly with a dark liner and no lipstick.
4. Lip liner should be applied by drawing an outline from the center of your upper lip and gradually come to each outer corner, following the edge of your natural lip line or the way you want your lips to appear.

Lipstick Application
1. Lip liner goes first.
2. Apply a lip moisturizer to your lips to keep them soft and help the lipstick go on smoother.
3. Some experts suggest that you apply a tiny bit of powder foundation to keep the lipstick in place but this might be one too many steps.
4. When applying your lipstick, you should relax your mouth in such a way that it opens slightly, stretch your lips and starting at the center of the top or bottom lip, glide your lipstick to the corners of your mouth.
5. You can choose to add a lip gloss to your lips when you are finished. This will help the lipstick stay on longer and give your lips the glowing look.
**if you want a darker look to your lips, add another coat of lipstick.

If you would like to learn more about a specific make-up technique, hair technique, or workout technique, and we will do our best to respond to your request.

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  • I love to use both lipstick and lip linear and like to use also lip gloss. Your information is really very helpful for me to use lipstick with lip linear. I never use lip gloss as i do not know the proper use of lip gloss. I would like to know the proper way of using lip gloss with lip linear from you. Thanks!

    Posted by Make Up Artist Courses on 06 Oct 2009

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