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Here are some quick ways to Blast Blemishes!

1. Wash - Make sure you wash your face two times a day. When you wake up and when you go to bed. If you wear make up it is very important to wash your face to avoid unwanted blemishes.

2. Change - Change your pillowcase at least every other day. Bacteria from your face and hands can collect and lead to more breakouts.

3. Phones - Wipe down your phones with disinfectant wipes daily. Make up builds up on phones along with bacteria from our hands and the hands of others who may use your phone.

4. Eat, Sleep, Exercise and drink plenty of Water!

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  • Great tips! I also have some nontoxic tips available in my free ebook on my blog...including one I discovered to spot treat acne! Check it’s free!

    Posted by Robin of on 14 Sep 2009

  • Watch out for cosmetics containing too much oil. I just tried a more natural foundation, thinking it was better for me (which it was!), but there was so much natural oil in the product that my face instantly broke out. Try powders instead of creams if oil contributes to acne for you.

    Posted by Kim/ on 18 Sep 2009

  • I kid you not, at 30 I’m on a daily Clearasil regimin and my skin has never looked better. I’ve used Murad, Perricone, all of it, and it’s the Clearasil that does it. No joke....

    Posted by E on 22 Sep 2009

  • Great comments everyone! Please keep them coming.

    Posted by Jessica on 22 Sep 2009

  • I love this site but try to add more stuff and things that would appeal more to teenager, they are the ones that look up beauty tips the most

    Posted by Jonnie on 19 Nov 2011

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