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When you walk into a drug store, Target or Wal Mart the shaving isle is filled with tons of choices for razors for women and men. Some women prefer to use a man’s razor when shaving but for those of you who prefer a woman’s razor you also have a ton to choose from. I know I personally have tried tons of razors from ones with replaceable blades to the disposable kind. I never could find a razor that did the job I wanted it to do until I came across the Schick Xtreme 3 Comfort Plus. I love this razor and do not use anything else.  Beauty image

This wonderful disposable razor can be used more than one time before being thrown away, in fact I do use it more than one time before I get a new one. I always get a smooth, close shave and rarely ever nick or cut myself with these razors. No other razors I have used in the past meet these standards, this is why I have been using these razors for over a year now. One down side to these razors is they are about a $1 per razor depending on where you get them. I have found that about once a month in the coupon section of the Denver Post Sunday Newspaper there is a buy one get one free coupon for these specific razors. So I usually hold out for that coupon and then I am paying about fifty cents per razor.

If you are looking for a new razor, I would suggest trying Schick Xtreme 3 Comfort Plus.

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