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Here is the history of Pamper Yourself Denver in the words of the owner, Jessica Bachus. became REAL to the public September 2008. Until then it had been a work in progress since the beginning of 2007 when my husband, Kyle, and I started to discuss the real possibility of me working from home and not going back to teaching.

In January of 2007 I was half way through my masters degree program to become a teacher librarian and was pregnant with my 2nd child. I had enjoyed the past 6 months of being home with my oldest daughter and did not want to go back to teaching in the fall with two children at home. Thus the brainstorming really began.

Since my husband owns his own company I had a lot of experience on my side and all the inside information and connections I would really need. Kyle and I thought of a ton of possible names for the company and actually bought several domain names at that time. Then life dealt us a blow that we never saw coming.

On January 23, 2007 while 6 months pregnant with Kenzi, I found out she had passed. She was stillborn due to complications with my pregnancy. Once I lost Kenzi everything else in my life was put on hold while I found a way to overcome my loss and move forward with my life on a different path, a path I never envisioned. The road was long, painful and scary at times. I did not know what my future held at this point other than I had a husband, a daughter who was two and a half and graduate school to finish.

Toward the end of 2007, after I had completed graduate school and was pregnant with my son, I started to revisit the idea of moving forward with my own company. Kyle and I began to look at our options, what I wanted to offer women out there, what I could offer the Denver community and how this would all work.

During the first 9 months of 2008 I fleshed out my dream of owning my own company. I knew there was a need for a one-stop shop for women in the Denver area looking for salons, spas, athletic clubs and yoga studios. Searching Google resulted in hundreds of options but none of them with all the information on one site. Perfect I thought. This will work. However I did not just want to reach the Denver community, I wanted to be able to share information with everyone.

This is where the blogging came into play. Here is where I could reach all types of people. Blog about products, services, people, anything related to health, beauty and fitness. Make it easy for people to find information they are looking for from home. Since I love all of these things myself, it made my desire to blog about them much more fun.

I had the support of my husband and the support of a wonderful web designer, Reese, to move forward with this dream/project. On September 15, 2008, after months of hard work, was launched. My dream had come true, I was the owner of my own company and I was able to work from home. is just like any new company. We have gone through our own share of growing pains this first year but so far have come out ahead. We are growing each month at a fabulous rate and readers of our Beauty Blog, Expert Tips and Beauty Bargains come from all over the world. I have been able to meet wonderful people in the industry, many of who are just like me. What a wonderful life.

Since September 2008 I have been able to be a work from home mom to Bailey, Kamden and soon to be Karson. I have been able to attend camps, games, appointments and everything in between. I have not had to choose between my family and work. I have also been able to honor Kenzi’s memory with the creation of Dolls for Daughters, a non-profit created in her memory. has just begun its journey and we will continue down this road with the support of our readers. Please continue to visit our site, make comments and suggestion because our company truly is here for our readers!

Remember that our Beauty Blog and Beauty Bargains update daily. We giveaway FREE stuff on the 15th and 30th of every month, you could be our next winner.

To contact Jessica, please her. 

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