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With the new year comes resolutions. Everyone seems to have them and a lot of them are to get into shape or drop some pounds. I have seen several posts on Facebook about going on a diet, working out, what is the best way to drop the pounds this year, etc. It is hard to make choice when our media is flooded with ads touting the best diet, the best diet pills, the best weight loss plan. Most people have their own weight struggles from 100 pounds to 15 pounds. It is still a struggle and one must find what works for them.

What I believe whole hardly is that it is a life style choice. If you make a life style choice that includes exercise and healthy eating then you will be successful long term. This will be your life long after you have stopped taking the diet pills or followed the latest diet fad.

Changing the way you live and approach the food you eat and how you take care of your body will make a difference in the long run.

I speak from personal experience. I knew that after having my children that I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and set a good example for my children. I wanted them to see me exercising often and eating well most of the time. I do not deprive myself of the slice of pizza or beer or sweet thing. However these items are not part of my daily food intake. I also found it helpful to get a workout/food journal and set goals.

Goal setting is wonderful and it should not always be about how much weight you want to drop in a certain period of time. Set a goal of running a 5k race or swimming for 30 minutes at a time without stopping. These goals will make you feel like you have accomplished something maybe when the scale doesn’t always show that. Take up a new class at the gym or cycling or yoga. Step out of your slump and into the new you.

Don’t let your resolution to make changes last a month or two, make it last a lifetime.

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  • I agree with you about how we should approach the food that we eat. It’s been so easy for me to just grab something quick and go, or eat and eat while watching a show. I discovered that I wasn’t eating the proper foods that I needed and the way I eat may be related to my stress levels. My friend works for Indiana University Health and they have programs to help with stress reduction and identifying the behaviors related to stress. I would love to find these types of programs for non-employees because there seems to be a direct connection with the amount of stress I have and my eating habits.

    Posted by Logan on 10 May 2011

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