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Are there times when you considering buying a new product because it is less than what you normally spend or want to spend? I think we all have done that. We considering trying a newer, lesser priced product to see if it will perform the way our more expensive product(s) have in the past for us. It could be that we are looking for a change or that our wallet is telling us we need to change something. With the economy the way it has been and is going to continue to be all of us are looking at ways to reduce our spending and save. Some of us buy in bulk, cut back on our trips to Starbucks or eating out and some try out new beauty products. It is our hope and desire that we will be as happy with our new beauty products and the price will do less damage to our pocketbooks.

Well I believe that not all beauty products are created equal. I have found with personal experience that many haircare products are NOT created equal. Having long, thick hair requires shampoo that will get all of it clean and keep it hydrated in the Colorado weather. I am guilty of trying a lesser priced shampoo and hoping it will keep my hair looking great and hydrated. I also thought pairing it with my wonderful conditioner would make up for the quality or lack there of in the shampoo. Plus I was not really interested in driving to the only location that I can find the shampoo that I loved.

I must admit that after about a month of using the lesser product, I noticed that no matter how much wonderful conditioner I slathered on my hair it was not enough to give me back the hydration and shine I had with the more expensive shampoo. Thus I decided that in this situation that less was not better - it was actually worse for my mane. My hair had suffered while my pocket book gained. The give and take began here. I knew I did not want to take the drive to the salon that carried my coveted shampoo and look for parking for a two minute jaunt into the salon to purchase said product. So I decided to try a new shampoo but with a price tag.

I found Enjoy Hair Care products at a salon near my home and fell in love. Their shampoo comes in large, medium or travel sizes. The large size is the best bet for your money. The salon I visited told me that if I did not like the product I could return it. So I purchased the large bottle and went on my way. Once I used the shampoo, my hydrated hair came back within one week. I realized that using the less expensive product did not bode well with my locks.

During these hard economic times all of us must decide what has to give, it may be your shampoo or you may decide that is too valuable to give up. I would give up my weekly visit to McDonald’s before I give up my pricier shampoo and conditioner.

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  • Where is this hair salon!? I can’t find enjoy hair products anywhere! I did find one salon, but they closed and are now an Avida! I am dying to get my hands on the Enjoy products again! Thx!

    Posted by Stacy on 02 Nov 2010

  • Before I buy large size shampoos I always try the travel sizes, if my hair likes it then I go for the large one.

    Posted by Alana Smith on 14 Feb 2011

  • You’re right! Not all expensive products are great.

    Posted by hair salon edinburgh on 14 Feb 2011

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