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Mother’s Day Winners

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All of the stories that were submitted for our Mother’s Day giveaway were simply amazing! If you shared your amazing story, thank you. The task of selecting a winner was very difficult but we managed to select two. But we all know that every Mom is a winner! Here are the stories again and what they have won. Enjoy Mom’s!

My mother rocks, and I’d like to enter her to win your Mother’s Day Giveaway!  Yes, she is the selfless mother that raised two kids (my brother and I), always set a great example, and gave us a loving, nurturing home.  My reason for nominating her goes way beyond that though . . . My mother is an inspiration.  She has spent her life taking care of her family and volunteering in her community, always making life better for other people and never focusing on herself or her own sacrifices.  She is the woman who simply gets things done, because they need to be done.  With quiet courage and strength, she has helped my father in his fight against cancer, almost losing him to the disease several times over the past three years.  During that time, her sister died of cancer, and my mother has spent the past year sorting through everything and preparing the estate for sale.  She has needed a hip replacement for more than three years, and we can see her fight through her own pain everyday; yet, because she has been taking care of my dad and my aunt, she say’s, “It isn’t my turn yet.” She ignores her own pain to help others.  Through all of the difficult times, my mother is a rock.  She always has a smile, a kind word, and time for anyone in need.  If anyone deserves pampering, it is my selfless, loving, generous, wonderful mother.  She is truly an inspiration! - Michelle
While I could sit here and write about how amazing my wife is for getting her RN degree while pregnant with our baby girl, graduating at the top of her class, and all the other things that great mothers do, I would rather take a more serious approach. My wife has taken on a role as a new mother to our 9 month old little girl that is unparalled! I have NEVER seen so much compassion and love given from one human being to another! The thing that makes this so beautiful, is that my wife was raised by her father, and didn’t have a mother-figure in her life. Her innate ability to be EVERYTHING a great mother is makes my soul melt with an almost spiritual calmness, knowing our baby is being cared for by the person that loves her most in this world! My wife would easily make more money than me if she worked, but the incredible peace of mind I have knowing that my baby is with her mother everyday cannot be described in words. I apologize for being vague, if I attempted to list the qualities my wife posses as a mother, it would take 20 pages. All I’m hoping to convey in this message is feeling. If there is anyone on this planet that deserves to be pampered this mother’s day, it IS my wife. She has no idea I’m writing this, and it would mean the world to me to be able to give her something special on this, her first, mother’s day. -Jon

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