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Making Cancer Stylish: Being Beautiful From Head to Toe

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Please enjoy this guest blog by Jackie Clark

With the diagnosis of cancer comes a period of depression and questions as to what life will now consist of. During these days (or months) of sadness, it is common for someone struggling with cancer to give up on the things that they once held valuable. One of these things is their appearance. Women who have been diagnosed with cancer such as mesothelioma may no longer feel like dressing up or putting on makeup. An important step in the battle against cancer is to keep as much of your life the same before the word “cancer” entered your life – including embracing your beauty.

Why the Effort?

First off, there is no expiration date when it comes to cancer. Of course, there is a survival rate for each type of cancer but nothing is certain. Therefore, stopping your life just because of a cancer diagnosis is only making you lose out on important events and the ability to feel good, even if it is only for a single day.

With cancer comes the loss of parts of our life. We sometimes lose our faith in the medical community, our determination to get out of bed, and we may even lose our hair. The one thing that we do not have to lose is our self-esteem. Taking time each morning to put on some makeup will help make you feel good about yourself, even if it is only for a minute.

Fashion Tips

Everyone has heard of retail therapy. That is the excuse us women use to go splurge on items for ourselves. For someone that is battling cancer, this is the best kind of therapy we can provide ourselves. Use this time to buy a colorful shirt or new outfit, and don’t forget the matching shoes and jewelry.

If you have been undergoing chemotherapy treatments and have experienced hair loss this shouldn’t stop you from still being fashionable. Embrace the ability to now purchase colorful scarves to wear on your head. Match the scarves to your outfits and to enhance the look, add some dangling earrings.

Makeup Tips

If you are currently taking chemotherapy treatments, you may see that your skin is slightly pale. To counteract that, enhance your face with light pink blush. Lightly dust the blush over the apples of your cheeks, on the bridge of your nose, your chin and also across your forehead. Be sure to blend in the color so it looks natural. By adding this light pink color to your skin, you are creating a natural-looking base.

Another tip when it comes to makeup is to use subtle colors. Browns, beiges and nudes are your friend when applying makeup to your lips and eyes. Keep your eye shadow and gloss in neutral shades, while adding a little zing to your eyes by lining them with black eyeliner and using mascara.

In reality, cancer doesn’t take away someone’s beauty and therefore, she should continue putting her best face forward no matter the situation.

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