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Introducing Colorado Aromatics

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We have been lucky enough to come across another wonderful Colorado Based Company, Colorado Aromatics..

Cindy Jones, Ph.D., created Colorado Aromatics for a number of reasons. She wanted to put her knowledge of science to practical use to help people. Making botanical products was also a way to incorporate her love of herbs. As most people with small skin care businesses, Cindy started off making products as needed for family and friends as she developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of ingredients. As a physiology instructor and biochemist Cindy is am very careful to choose only the safest ingredients that are effective and nourishing to the skin. Free radicals both from the environment and from our body can cause damage to the skin so incorporating antioxidants in her formulas is important, many in the form of herbs. She grows many of the herbs used in her products and also distill some of the herbs she grows to make aromatic herbal distillates. These distillates or hydrosols are used in some of her products as well as sold as is to use as a refreshing skin spray. Some of these herbs are also used for teas and wellness products.  She does microbiology testing on my creams and lotions to prevent potentially harmful bacteria from affecting the consumer.

Sustainability is an important issue for Cindy that she tries to incorporate into her daily life as well as her business. Botanicals are a renewable resource and by growing many of her own botanicals the carbon footprint is further reduced. We recently bought acreage property to be able to grow more. Packaging on her products is minimal to reduce what goes in the trash.

The parent company for Colorado Aromatics is Sagescript Institute.  Under this umbrella she provides microbiology testing for her colleagues and does consulting and teaching for the skin care and herb businesses. Making skin care and wellness products and teaching about them is a very creative and fulfilling endeavor. Teaching others how to be as healthy as possible in their lives and helping the planet one step at a time is very satisfying.

This information was provided by Cindy Jones, Ph.D., author, educator Sagescript Institute.

Look for more from Cindy and Colorado Aromatics in the weeks to come on our blog.

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