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Happy Father’s Day!

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Today is Father’s Day and I hope the man in your life is an amazing father. Here are the winners to our Amazing Father’s Day Giveaway! Congratulations!

“My father is a security officer and he protects people. I love him because he works hard and goes to school.” - Analyze (age 7)
“My dad is great because he plays with us all the time even when he is tired and sick.” - Arazely (age 5)
My husband has been right by my side for the last 9 years. We have three children who adore him! He always puts our needs first to his own needs. My husband works full time and attends college online for Criminal Justice. He has a dream of becoming a police officer, but has had some problems pursuing that because of a mistake he made as a minor. Even though God has not yet opened the door for him to have the pride of wearing a police badge, my husband has never doubted that God has big plans for him. My husband is a very postive person who even when things are not going very well, he has trust in God that he will guide us through to victory.  My husband has given up a dream of his, becasue it would have required him to be out of town and away from his family. I cried at the thought that we meant sooo much to him!  I hope that one day he will accomplish his dreams, goals and be reconigized for his hard work and passion for God and his family.
- Latisha A.
I want to share my story about an amazing Man in my life known as my Father, Terry. I was only 6 almost 7 years old when this man walked into my mothers life. Although I was young and couldn’t understand who and why he was spending so much time with my mother. It didn’t seem long before my mother and him were married. It was so sudden that my siblings and my life was changing all around us. Going to a new school, living in a new house, having new rules. Needless to say I though my life was miserable. For about 9 years I treated Terry like the outsider he was. I was not fairly treating him like he deserved to be treated. Afterall he did just take in a woman with 4 children of her own. It wasn’t until I was almost graduated when I realized this man wasn’t just my “step-dad”, he was my Father. I never really had one growing up as he was absent from my life. I then realized that it can take any man to be a dad but a real man to be a father. Of all the trials I put him through, he still showed me the most love. Terry has bailed me out so many times in my life and I don’t mean jail. No words can describe what kind of a man he is, inside and out.
My parents will be celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary this June, and life was great,that is until last month when my Father was diagnosed with metastic melanoma on his spine. This put quite a scare on not only my mother who thought she was going to lose the love of her life, but also the family. Through weeks of testing, blood draws, CT scans, MRI’s, the test came back somewhat normal. What? Yes, normal, although he is getting second opinions from Medical Oncologists, the timing is soo wrong for my family. Something is wrong with his bone marrow for certain but testing is still being done. So whatever Father out there wins this, definately deserves it, I know my does and there isn’t a day goes by now that he doesnt’ get told that. Life is too short to not let loved ones know what they mean. So I am nominating my Father, Terry, for Father’s Day because he IS one amazing DAD!!!
- Tammy M.

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