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All of us have days when we do not have the time or energy to use our face wash and wash our face twice a day. Many beauty companies have realized this and have created cleansing towelettes for this very reason. They have been created for the women on the go, the ones who are too busy or too tried to wash their face in the evening or the ones who have just had a workout and want to wipe their faces. Well just like any other product out there, these are not all the same. Not all of them work the same way and not all of them are great..

In the past I always kept Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes in my make-up drawer for the times when I am too tried to wash my face. I have always loved these wipes and that is why I kept them on had. They are great for taking off most make-up including mascara. They do not foam up in any way and I do not feel like I have to wash my face with water after using them.

Here is the product detail on the Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes:
7.4 x 7.2 in. Pre-moistened towelettes. Ultra soft cloths. Gently dissolve all traces of make-up, even waterproof mascara. Gentle, ultra soft cloths offer you superior cleansing and make-up removal. Gently and effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up. Patent pending technology is so effective it easily removes waterproof mascara. Leaves skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue, so there’s no need to rinse. Use daily for clean, fresh, make-up free skin in 1 easy step. Gentle enough to use around sensitive eye area, even for contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Alcohol free. Made in UK. A box with 25 towelettes usually costs between $6.50 and $8.00 depending on where you shop. You can also get the refills once you have the case to store them in.

Another towelette that I tried was Pond’s Clean Sweep, Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes. However I was not nearly as impressed with these towelettes as I was with the ones by Neutrogena. I felt like I had to wash my face off with water after using them. It seemed like they become sudsy when I was using them on my face. I used all 30 of them to make sure that I was really giving the product a chance but in my book, these towelettes fail. Too much work, just like washing my face with my normal cleansing products. However, if you want the product information, it is below.

Pond’s Clean Sweep, Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes product information according to the product and
* Proven- no leading cleanser is better at removing make-up and impurities
* Now with textured cloth
* With chamomile, vitamin e & triple tea antioxidant complex
* Dermatologist tested
* Hypoallergenic & suitable for sensitive skin
* Safe for contact lens wearers
* Alcohol & oil free
30 wet textured towelettes. A mini-spa treatment each day.  No leading cleanser is better at lifting away make-up and removing impurities than these soft, textured cleansing cloths.  Infused with Chamomile, Vitamin E and Triple Tea Antioxidant Complex, they nourish, soothe and pamper, leaving skin perfectly clean and make-up free.  No rinsing necessary. I however disagree with their statement that no rinsing is necessary! This product can also be found at your local store for about $6.50 - $8.00.

If you have a favorite towelette product, please let us know about it by commenting in our comments section.

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  • This is quite a comprehensive posting on some very good facial cleansing towelettes. This is indeed a necessity if you are going out and specially in the scorching summer months.  grin

    Posted by Natural Cosmetics on 30 Apr 2009

  • I recently went on vacation and when I went to purchase the travel size Pond�s Clean Sweep, Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes the store was out so I bought the Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes. After using the travel pack I will not be going back to Pond’s!  My face does not feel dry when I am done nor like in the previous post “like I had to wash my face off with water after using them”.  I do use them every night to remove my make-up and to date have not had any negative results.

    Posted by Marsha on 01 May 2009

  • Excellent site, keep up the good work

    Posted by Bill Bartmann_- on 09 Sep 2009

  • Nice informational content on facial cleansing towelettes. I use it for remove makeup and oil from my face. After just a week of using these cloths I had noticed a dramatic improvement in my complexion.

    Posted by travel clinic london on 28 Sep 2009

  • Hey i have been using Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes. Really it is good product for face. As a working women it helps me lot to take care of my face.

    Posted by Special Effects Makeup School on 08 Oct 2009

  • This is quite a comprehensive posting on some very good facial cleansing towelettes. This is indeed a necessity if you are going out and specially in the scorching summer months

    Posted by Games Collection on 27 Apr 2011

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