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Brows take work. Every woman knows this but the approach is different for each woman. Some have a professional shape their brow each month, some pluck along the strays, some get them tinted, some wax them, tattoo them, it just depends. Anastasia Brow Kits may just be the answer you are looking for if you would like to do it yourself. Given the economy, dropping $25-$55 a month on brow up keep might not be in your budget any longer. You could use that money to purchase your own Anastasia Brow Kit and learn to have salon looking brows in the privacy of your own bathroom.

The Beauty Express kit has some of the tools you will need to create the brows you want daily and monthly for less. For $39.50 you can purchase your brow kit in a color that matches your hair color and use the step by step directions to create the brows you want. The kit does not include tweezers which are needed to use this kit. Ensure you have quality tweezers before you use the kit. Anastasia Beverly Hills sells them as well. The directions are easy to follow and allow you to almost effortlessly create the brows you are looking for. Personally when I do my brows from shaping to adding color, I like to use brow gel and this kit does not include it. Other kits do so I would recommend spending a little more to get these additional items.

If you are in need of tweezers then a better value for you would be their 5-Element Brow Kit that does include Precision Tweezers, Brow Powder Duo, Brow Stencils (Set of Five Shapes), Mini Duo Brush #7 and Anastasia’s Best-Selling Clear Brow Gel. This kit is valued at $120 but can be yours for only $65.

Overall if you are looking for a simple kit to get the job done, this is for you. If you already have the tools - tweezers and brow gel - then stick with the Beauty Express kit. Visit the Anastasia website for more great beauty products.

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  • Thanks for wonderful and economy tips for the brows. We just go to your salon in order for us can save but elegant result and services.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    Posted by makeup on 15 Apr 2012

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