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Qi Athletic Club - Lowry

7555 E. Academy Blvd
Denver, CO 80230
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Qi is known for our community; our teachers, members, and staff all makes up one big Qi family! We are talked about because of our kick-ass fusion classes that include: QiCycle-Yoga; 30-minute ride followed by 45-minute power yoga class, Qi Ryders; our own unique combination workout that includes cycling, weights, and boxing,

QiCycle-Barre; 30-minute ride followed by 45-minute Barre workout, Qi Fit; Qi’s version of CrossFit, and Qi Yoga Sculpt; blending together yoga and weights.

Our Qi Community is a big family where everyone feels apart of something; whether you are a die hard Qi Ryder; a member of our Qi Running Club; or enjoy a slower paced Qi Restorative class each of our members can make a different choice everyday with our unique class schedule.

Qi is that one place in the city that offers you everything you’d be looking for to get you healthy, fit, strong, energized, and flexible all wrapped up in one membership.

**Listing information was taken direclty of of Qi’s website.

Our exclusive review of this athletic club

If you are looking for a great workout on a spinbike, stop looking. Qi Lowry is a great place for a great workout in one hour and 15 minutes. I could not describe this class any better than Qi’s website so here is what you need to know about Qi Cycle-Barre: Chiseled. How would you like to be able to use this word to describe your body? Experience Qi’s new QiCycle-Barre class and you’ll soon be able to. QiCycle-Barre classes are 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes or 45-minutes of barre work, which will consist of precision movements performed with the help of a stationary barre attached to the wall in the yoga studio. The goal: to fuse cardio, strength, flexibility, toning, and sculpting into one 60-minute workout. You can only find this class at Qi—take it and watch your dancer’s body emerge.

Until this class I had never cycled inside on a bike that moved, a bike that required me to work at control and worked my core until now. This workout will challenge you, make you sweat, make you wonder how much longer (no clock in the classroom) you will be busting your rear. Just when you think you are done, you aren’t. You take off the seat and work out even harder. When you don’t think your legs can go any longer, they do. You are happy to be off the bike and into the classroom only to be pushed the rest of the class. You leave hoping you an walk the next day and wondering when you can get back in there.

You do not have to join the gym to attend classes. You can purchase a punch card. You also can sign up for one free week of classes to see which class is right or you. If you are in the mood for a workout change, check out Qi. They have several locations in the metro area.

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