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24 Hour Fitness Sport in Lowry

7600 E. Academy Blvd
Denver, CO 80230
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Our exclusive review of this athletic club

24 Hour Fitness in Lowry is one of the locations that is literally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have the ability to workout whenever you want. This gym is not a place where you will find ”perks” and ”pampering”. This is a gym that has all you need to workout and you supply the rest. If you want a towel to carry around while you are working out, you bring it. If you want to use a locker, bring your own lock or pay to lock up your items. No towels offered for the showers either.

What this gym does offer is great monthly rates and a place to work out with good equipment, a basketball court and a pool. There are several cardio machines that you can choose from to get your cardio done or you can take a spinning class. There are several other group classes offered as well from yoga to sculpting classes. There are a ton of personal trainers to help you meet your training goals as well as a day care to drop off your children so you can workout.

The overall workout experience is not much different than other gyms. Most people are here to just workout, not to socialize. They come in, do their workout, and leave. The staff at the front desk does not know everyone by name as you might see at more upscale gyms in the metro area. The equipment is clean and kept in working order. The 9 TV’s are usually working and offer a variety of different shows. It is not the same experience as having your own personal TV to watch when doing cardio but it does work.

It would be nice if this gym did offer a few more perks to their members. It would not cost them much in the long run to have lockers that anyone could use with their membership card. This would eliminate the need to carry 50 cents with you every time you visit the gym or carry a padlock. However they would not be able to make the money they are making from the lockers. It would also be nice if they offered more classes throughout the day. An example would be offering yoga classes more than once a day.

If you are looking for a gym membership that does not pamper you but does have great rates, then look for a 24 Hour Fitness in your neighborhood.

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